Managing client relationships is never easy, and due to the nature of overseeing estates and trusts, it can be even more challenging. Experienced professionals establish a rapport with clients by ensuring their advice is both ethically pertinent and personally satisfying to the client. Trust professionals must be equipped to handle a variety of scenarios, employing different communication approaches depending upon the mindset and life stages of their clients.

The ECE course provides professionals with communication strategies for building and managing client relationships while maintaining an ethical, professional code of conduct. The course includes guidelines to assist you in identifying extenuating circumstances that affect your client, such as psychological changes and emotional issues, giving it a truly comprehensive approach to effective and ethical client communication.

Who should enrol?

The ECE course is designed for estate and trust professionals at all levels. Tax officers, estate planners, financial planners and wealth managers would also find taking this course beneficial. This course can also be tailored for any corporate training program.

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