Created to give simpler and inexpensive capital and commodity market access to the masses, today ETFs allow your clients to participate in markets that more than a decade ago they would not have had the ability to directly access.

The Investing in ETFs course provides you with the knowledge and insight into exchange-traded funds as valuable investment vehicles for your clients. You will learn about the key features, types, and regulatory issues of ETFs along with trading strategies used for ETFs. This course was recently updated to include experiences in the ETF market that arose during the pandemic-induced market meltdown, particularly with respect to leveraged and/or inverse ETFs, as well as ETFs that are commodity-based.

Who should enrol?

  • CIRO Investment Advisors looking to meet their Know Your Product (KYP) requirements for dealing in leveraged, inverse and commodity-based ETFs
  • Investment Advisors that are subject to Professional Development CE requirements.
  • Those wanting to further their knowledge of these sophisticated financial products