Estates holding unique assets can test the business and legal acumen of an estate and trust professional. Whether an estate holds an operating business, a farm, foreign assets or artwork, the learning curve may be high for even the most seasoned professional. As such they must understand the rules for trustee investments, estate management, and the responsibilities of executors and trustees where assets include a business.

The ETM course provides professionals in estates and trusts with the skills to handle diverse clients with complex holdings. This is also one of the required courses for the MTI® Estate and Trust Professional designation.

What skills will you develop?

Estate and Trust Administration provides comprehensive information about estate administration and trust management, and it describes in-depth the role and responsibilities of the people who provide these services. This course will help you:

  • Expand your knowledge of the functions and services provided by an executor and a trustee
  • Increase your competence in dealing with the estate and trust administration needs of clients
  • Identify opportunities to assist your clients with estate and trust services and products

Who should enrol?

The ETM course is designed for estate and trust professionals. Tax officers, estate planners, financial planners and wealth managers may also find this course useful in providing them with information on asset management services available to clients. This course can also be tailored for corporate training purposes.

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