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This course is not available for sale.


CSI’s Equity Trading and Sales course equips candidates with the realistic preparation and understanding needed to enter into or advance within equity trading and/or sales roles. Having already completed foundational courses, the next step is to learn the value-added techniques and skills that will help candidates transition into or advance within equity trading and/or sales roles. The key to advancement in an equity trading career is developing the critical thinking and negotiating skills needed in a fast-paced trading environment. Candidates must also be adept at using technology to execute trades and understand risk management practices and techniques. This course is also one of the requirements towards the path to CSI’s Certificate in Equity Trading and Sales.

Who should enrol?

This course is designed for candidates aspiring to enter into or advance within equity trading positions on either the sell-side (securities dealers) or buy-side of the street (mutual funds, hedge funds, and pension funds). Candidates may currently be on the retail side of the business and aspire to move into institutional equity trading or are already in junior trading roles and want to enhance their careers.

This course will also be of interest to Investment Advisors who are interested in learning more about the world of institutional equity trading and sales and obtaining CE credits while doing so.