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If you’re the kind of person who loves helping other people achieve their dreams while you work towards your own, consider a rewarding career in financial planning. This is one of the more ‘personal’ parts of the banking field, focusing on helping others through advice, service, and products that help protect them against risk, as they work towards financial independence. It’s a place where moving up is measured by the quality and quantity of relationships you foster and retain. This is reflected by longer commitment periods (how long you must stay in the job). That’s because today’s financial institutions are seeking to give greater consistency and predictability to clients, employees, and their organizations.

Career Success Factors

  • Relationship<br>Skills
  • Product<br>Knowledge
  • Education<br>& Credentials
    & Credentials
  • Networking<br>Skills
  • Manager<br>Relationship<br>& Learning
    & Learning