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The Futures Licensing Course (FLC) is designed to help you expand your service offering to include futures-based investment strategies. The second course in the two-step licensing program, the FLC meets regulatory proficiency requirements for advisors dealing with the public in futures and futures options contracts. Completing this course will enable you to:

  • Earn your Futures License: Meet CIRO’s proficiency requirements for advisors authorized to deal in futures.
  • Qualify for Commodity Trading Advice: The FLC fulfills the provincial securities commissions proficiency requirements to become a Commodity Trading Advisor or a Commodity Trading Manager. Contract for Differences can be sold to investors in Ontario and Quebec. To do so you must be employed by an CIRO member firm and successfully complete the FLC and DFC® courses as well as hold a license as a Registered Representative.

What skills will you develop?

The FLC focuses on the rules and regulations associated with futures trading including those of the CIRO, the Montreal Exchange and the CDCC. Students gain a strong conceptual understanding of futures products and the mechanics of trading.

Who should enrol?

Enrol in the FLC if you’re:

  • A graduate of the Derivatives Fundamentals Course (DFC®)
  • A retail investment advisor wanting to become licensed in futures
  • A portfolio manager looking to become licensed in futures
  • Looking to work in derivatives, including trading, compliance, and surveillance
  • Interested in derivatives trading in Canada

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