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What will you learn about?

  • Residency for U.S. income tax purposes (U.S. tax filing requirements for snowbirds, taxation of rental income from U.S. property)
  • Purchase of U.S. real estate, financial and money management (taxation of U.S. investments, retirement planning issues)
  • U.S. estate planning issues for snowbirds, risk management issues (health, life, long-term care and property insurance)
  • Options available for permanent U.S. residency
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Lesson 1: Residency for U.S. Income Tax Purposes

Topics covered in this lesson are:

  • U.S. Income Tax Rules for the Canadian Snowbird
  • The Substantial Presence Test

Lesson 2: Key Considerations When Purchasing a Residence in the United States

Topics covered in this lesson are:

  • Purchasing Real Property in the United States
  • Structuring the Purchase of U.S. Real Estate
  • Obtaining a U.S. Mortgage
  • U.S. and Canadian Mortgage Differences
  • Taxation of Rental Income from U.S. Real Property
  • Taxation on the Sale of U.S. Real Property

Lesson 3: U.S. Investments and Retirement Income

Topics covered in this lesson are:

  • Taxation of U.S. Investments
  • Obtaining an Individual Taxpayer Identification Number in the U.S.
  • U.S. Securities Rules for the Management of Canadian Investment Accounts
  • Portfolio Management
  • Public Retirement Income System as it Relates to Snowbirds

Lesson 4: Estate Planning and Risk Management Issues for Snowbirds

Topics covered in this lesson are:

  • Estate Planning for Snowbirds
  • Risk Management Issues

Lesson 5: Moving to the U.S. from Canada

Topics covered in this lesson are:

  • Options Available for Permanent U.S. Residency