The Insurance Ethics and Professional Practice module is a required top-up course if you are currently registered to sell life insurance and/or accident and sickness insurance and wish to expand your practice to Quebec or if you are licensed in Quebec and are seeking to expand your practice into another province. Please make certain to enrol in the course that reflects the licensing requirements of the province(s) or territories where you will be selling insurance.

CSI has been an approved provider of a pre-requisite course for insurance (LLQP) licensing requirements since 2002. CSI is now offering this course that has received a national recommendation (by CISRO) for obtaining approval from the provincial jurisdictions. CSI is an approved LLQP course provider in all provinces and territories in Canada.

Who should enrol?

Enrol in CSI’s new Insurance Ethics and Professional Practice  Module if you’re already licensed to sell life insurance/and or accident and sickness insurance and you are:

  • Not licensed in Quebec and aspiring to obtain an insurance license in Quebec by writing the provincial examination
  • Licensed in Quebec and aspiring to obtain an insurance license in another province

Wanting to obtain a life insurance license?  Take our LLQP Insurance Course.

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