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What will you learn about?

Private market investing consists of investments in the equity and debt of privately-owned companies. Once reserved for institutions, private markets have recently become more accessible to individual investors.

In this course, you will learn the particularities of private market investing, including the ways in which these investments can benefit your clients’ portfolios. You will also learn about Special Purpose Acquisition Companies (SPACs), which provide investors with access to investments involving leveraged buyouts and other investment transactions usually found in private equity.

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Lesson 1: Private Equity and Private Credit

  • History of Private Equity
  • Size of the Market
  • Role of Private Equity in Canada and Worldwide
  • Impact of Private Equity and Private Credit on Financial Markets and the Economy
  • Regulatory Environment of Private Market Investments in Canada and Worldwide
  • Private Market Financing

Lesson 2: Investing in Private Markets

  • Advantages of Private Market Investing
  • Disadvantages of Private Market Investing
  • Ways to Invest in Private Markets
  • Considerations in Structuring Private Market Portfolios
  • Use of Private Market Investments in Institutional and Individual Portfolios

Lesson 3: Private Market Investments: Structuring and Valuation

  • Structure of Private Market Funds
  • Investment Life Cycle of a Limited Partnership
  • Structuring the Relationship Between Limited Partners and General Partners
  • Partnership Agreement
  • Valuation of Private Market Funds
  • Private Equity and Private Credit Managers
  • Practices that Drive Performance
  • Valuation of Private Market Funds

Lesson 4: Special Purpose Acquisition Companies

  • SPAC Structuring and Life Cycle
  • History of SPACs
  • Main SPAC-Related Investment Products
  • SPAC Investment Due Diligence