What will you learn about?

In this course, we discuss real assets, including commodities, real estate, farmland, timber, infrastructure, and collectibles. We explain how they differ from the traditional asset classes and how they can help diversify a portfolio. We also explain the various ways to invest in these assets and the benefits and risks of each type.

What is the course syllabus?

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Lesson 1 Alternative Investments

  • Investing in Alternative Investments

Lesson 2 Commodities

  • Types of Commodities
  • Fitting Commodities in a Portfolio
  • Ways to Invest in Commodities
  • Publicly Traded Equities as Commodity Investments
  • Financial Risk Management Practices
  • Limited Availability Pure Play Equity Investments
  • Financial Structure of the Company

Lesson 3: Real Estate

  • Distinguishing Features of Physical Real Estate
  •  Features and Characteristics of Real Estate Investment
  •  Features and Characteristics of Mortgage Loans
  •  Return Characteristics of Real Estate and Mortgage Syndications
  •  Ways to Invest in Real Estate
  •  Types of Real Estate Syndications

Lesson 4: Other Real Assets

  • Farmland and Timberland
  • Infrastructure
  • Collectibles