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What will you learn about?

Upon course completion, students will be able to:

  • Identify strategies for satisfying clients with varying needs, goals, and objectives
  • Evaluate the merits of different financial tools to create value for clients
  • Assess the current financial climate in relation to client risk tolerance
  • Build positive and profitable client relationships through communication, trust, and credibility
  • Establish a loyal client base through adherence to superior performance and service standards
  • Identify and understand processes, procedures, and legal requirements that financial institutions are bound

What is the course syllabus?

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Module 1 - Communicating to Build Relationships

Topics covered in this chapter are:

  • Section 1 – Building a Relationship With Your Client
  • Section 2 – Communicating With Your Client
  • Section 3 – Conducting a Client Interview
  • Section 4 – Adapting Your Approach to Different Clients
  • Section 5 – Building Internal Relationships
  • Section 6 – Performance Evaluations for Financial Professionals

Module 2 - Understanding The Fundamentals of Financial Assessment

Topics covered in this chapter are:

  • Section 1 – Micro and Macroeconomic Influences on Financial Services
  • Section 2 – Components of Personal Financial Statements
  • Section 3 – Fundamentals of Financial Math

Module 3 -Building Loyalty by Meeting Your Clients Needs

Topics covered in this chapter are:

  • Section 1 – Creating Value for Your Client
  • Section 2 – Selling With a Needs-Based Approach
  • Section 3 – Selling Additional Solutions to Meet Your Clients’ Financial Goals
  • Section 4 – Building Your Business Through Referrals

Module 4 - Managing Risk by Making Ethical Decisions

Topics covered in this chapter are:

  • Section 1 – Ethics in the Financial Services Industry
  • Section 2 – The Importance of Ethics to an Organization
  • Section 3 – Ethical Dilemmas When Working With Your Client
  • Section 4 – Using “Know Your Client” to Manage Risks
  • Section 5 – Recognize Unusual Business Activities
  • Section 6 – Regulatory Regimes and Their Role With You and Your Client

How will you learn?

CSI’s online learning system helps you meet your study goals. You’ll benefit from:

  • Learning objectives and goals that keep you focused
  • Interactive tools to help you evaluate and apply course material
  • Post-chapter tests to assess your progress
  • Course updates
  • A customizable calendar
  • Online discussion forums and assistance from CSI’s academic support specialists

Course Completion

Upon successfully completing this course, you will be able to download a Notice of Course Completion available through your student profile. This will remain on your profile as formal confirmation of course completion. Please note that a certificate will not be issued upon completion of this course.

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