What will you learn about?

Upon completion of this component students will be able to:

  • Effectively apply knowledge of the small business industry
  • Determine the financial status of a small business
  • Proactively develop internal and external relationships
  • Uncover the needs, goals, and objectives of a small business
  • Mitigate risk to minimize negative outcomes
  • Provide a high level of client service
  • Grow, retain, and attract small business clients
  • Register for the proctored exam

After overcoming this final hurdle to earn the Certificate in Small Business Banking, students will have the credibility that is essential to move ahead in their careers. Small businesses have become a priority for major financial institutions, and to compete in that niche market banks are expected to provide better, targeted service.

If you have completed Small Business Operations and Financial Analysis (SBOF), please click here to view your exam breakdown.

In this component, students will have access to the 4 courses that make up the Certificate in Small Business Banking (Understanding the Small Business Environment, Building Relationships with Small Business Clients, Small Business Lending, Delivering Small Business Solutions).

How will you learn?

The Small Business Banking Check is a series of online practice questions intended to help you assess your readiness to take the Small Business Banking Certificate Examination (SBBE). The Small Business Banking Check reflects the question format and level of difficulty you will experience on the SBBE exam.

  • Focus your efforts: Test your overall knowledge and discover which course topics may require more study time
  • Determine your readiness: Sample questions show you how well you performed in all subject areas
  • Manage time constraints: Experience the pressure of taking the exam within the allotted time

Test Your Knowledge

The Small Business Banking Check consists of two different study tools that allow you to assess your knowledge at different stages throughout the course. Each tool provides direction and guidance to help you focus your efforts and build your confidence. Combined with a thorough reading of the course material and module learning objectives, hard work and consistent effort, the Small Business Banking Check can help you improve your knowledge and ultimately pass your exam.

Course Quizzes

Test your knowledge on individual course topics as you move through the material with the help of Course Quizzes. Each quiz consists of a range of questions on a specific topic. You’ll gain a comprehensive understanding of your strengths and weaknesses in each subject area so that you can spend your time where you need it most. Each quiz delivers:

  • The correct answer
  • The rationale for why this is the correct answer.

What’s more, this unique tool tracks your quiz time, giving you the opportunity to assess your response speed. Improve your time, and your confidence, with each use.

Exam Mode

Think you’re ready to take the exam? Find out for certain by using the Small Business Banking Check’s Exam Mode. You’ll have three hours to complete 70 multiple-choice questions. Exam Mode uses the same question format and tests you on the same number of items as on the real exam – you’ll learn to manage your time and stress levels and improve your chances for success.

Course Completion

Upon successfully completing this course, you will be able to download a Notice of Course Completion available through your student profile. This will remain on your profile as formal confirmation of course completion. Please note that a certificate will not be issued upon completion of this course.

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