What is MTI® Estate & Trust Professional (MTI®)?

The MTI® Estate & Trust Professional (MTI®) designation is Canada’s premier designation for estate and trust management. It ensures that financial professionals have expertise in the regulations and tax implications that are characteristic of the management and transfer of wealth.

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What is the path to the MTI® Estate & Trust Professional (MTI®) designation?

The learning path leading to the MTI® designation provides the skills and knowledge that reflect today’s industry best practices, helping client-focused professionals align their education with career goals. Each course is designed to build knowledge while progressing one’s career.

MTI® Pathway

5 Year Rule

The educational path must be completed not more than 5 years prior to application to write the Case Application Examination. Exemptions can be granted for courses offered by other education providers. If an individual has exceeded the 5-year timeline, completion of either the Estate and Trust Management or the Laws of Estates and Trusts course (or equivalent) will be required.

Individuals must apply for the designation within 5 years of successfully completing the Case Application Examination. Individuals who do not qualify for the designation within this 5-year period will be required to re-take the Case Application examination prior to being granted the designation. They will not be required to re-take the educational path.