CSI’s Digital Badges

You’ve earned it, now show it off!

CSI is excited to share our new partnership with Credly’s Acclaim platform to provide you with a digital version of your hard-won credentials. We know how important an achievement it is to earn credentials and now you can share them easily, safely and effectively.

Our Digital Badges represent the next gen of learning recognition for finance professionals. Each digital badge showcases the topics, learning methods, application and assessment requirements that you need to earn a badge.

Create a dynamic portfolio of your ongoing achievements here!

What is a Digital Badge?

Digital badges are portable image files that allow you to share your credentials across the web. You can post them to your email signature, personal website, social media channels—even to electronic copies of your resume. The CSI badge logos include personalized metadata, which ties your badge to your personal achievements. That means interested parties can confirm the skills required to earn and maintain a CSI credential.

Here are a few examples of the digital badges we offer:

DigitalBadgesPage_Course Badge
DigitalBadgesPage_Certification Badge
DigitalBadgesPage_Designation Badge

How do Digital Badges work?

CSI digital badges provide credential holders with the measured value. How? Through a single click, an individual (such as a manager, human resource staff, or peer) will automatically move to an overview page that provides metadata of your qualifications and specialized skills. Details on the process to complete, earn and maintain the credential will also be available.

The overview page on the Acclaim platform looks like this:

digital badge