How to prepare for the AFP exam?

Candidates should use the PFP® Professional Competency Profile, any course or learning materials from the completed prerequisite educational route or other learning resources, the examination weightings and the Candidate Guidelines as their study materials in preparation to write the AFP Certification Examination. As only the Competency Profile is the basis for the examination, candidates should cross-reference the profile with their study materials to identify any gaps in the materials or their own knowledge, and research independently to fill in those gaps to ensure that they possess the required knowledge and skills and ability to apply those in an examination environment.

Prior to enrolling in or preparing for the AFP Certification Examination, we strongly recommend candidates access and review the support materials listed below to determine readiness for successful completion of the AFP Certification Examinations.

The video below provides guidance on preparing for the examinations and using the resources below.

  • The PFP® Professional Competency Profile identifies examinable competencies and knowledge areas. Candidates should use this as a base for preparation as only the content listed therein will be subject to testing on the AFP Certification Examination.
  • The AFP Candidate Guidelines provide information on exam development, differences between AFP Exam 1 and AFP Exam 2, the Competency Profile and samples of the types of questions that candidates will encounter on each exam.
  • Sample AFP Exam 2 is available after registering for the certification exam. Sample AFP Exam 2 provides an opportunity for candidates to practice responding to in-depth and complex questions similar in structure to those that they will encounter on AFP Exam 2. It should provide candidates with a clearer understanding of the examination structure and questions of AFP Exam 2, and the level and depth of knowledge required for the AFP Exam 2.
  • Review the AFP Certification Examination FAQs.
  • Financial Planning Integration Course (FPIC) – The FPIC is an optional course if you completed your path prior to April 15th, 2020 that provides students with integrative and practical exercises as well as tests that are similar to those in the AFP Certification Exam. The course also includes regularly updated versions of the course materials in the PFP education path. The FPIC can assist students in addressing their current level of knowledge, experience and readiness before writing the AFP Certification Examination.
  • Course Materials – Candidates are encouraged to use the course materials from their qualifying education program, along with any other reference materials, to evaluate their knowledge, skills and readiness to write the examinations against the Competency Profile.

Course Completion Notice

Upon successfully completing this course, you will be able to download a Notice of Course Completion available through your student profile. This will remain on your profile as formal confirmation of course completion. Please note that a certificate will not be issued upon completion of this course.

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