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Hours of Study: 135 – 200 Hours

Enrolment Period: 1 Year

What is the CSC® exam weighting?

Exam One Topics Weightings
The Canadian Investment Marketplace 15%
The Economy 13%
Features and Types of Fixed-Income Securities 12%
Pricing and Trading of Fixed-Income Securities 11%
Common and Preferred Share 13%
Equity Transactions 10%
Derivatives 10%
Corporations and their Financial Statements 8%
Financing and Listing Securities 8%
Exam Two Topics Weightings
Investment Analysis 18%
Portfolio Analysis 18%
Mutual Funds 14%
Exchange-Traded Funds 10%
Alternative Investments, Other Managed, and Structured Products 16%
Canadian Taxation 6%
Fee-Based Accounts and Working with the Retail Client 8%
Working with the Institutional Client 10%

What is the CSC® exam structure?

Structure Information
Exams 2
Exam Format Proctored (remote or in-person at a test centre)
Exam Duration 2 hours
Question Format Multiple Choice
Questions Per Exam 100
Attempts Allowed Per Exam 3
Passing Grade 60% (Per Exam)
Assignments None

What Continuing Education (CE) credits will you earn?

ADVOCIS Structured Learning CEEXAM 130
ADVOCIS Structured Learning CEEXAM 230
ICBC Life Insurance30
FSRA Life Insurance30
ICM Life InsuranceEXAM 110
ICS Life Insurance30
ICM Life InsuranceEXAM 210
AIC Life Insurance30
QAFP Financial PlanningEXAM 130
QAFP Financial PlanningEXAM 230
CSF General Subjects EXAM 26
CSF Insurance of PersonsEXAM 24
CSF Mutual FundsEXAM 210
CSF General Subjects EXAM 15
CSF Compliance EXAM 15
CSF Mutual FundsEXAM 115
CFP Financial PlanningEXAM 130

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While CSI makes every effort to ensure that the information is up-to-date, we are unfortunately unable to fully guarantee its accuracy. The information listed in the chart may be subject to change.

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