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The Customer Relationship Model Rules that were recently introduced by CIRO require professionals to understand the increased number of situations in which suitability reviews must be conducted. The Enhanced Suitability for CIRO Advisors course provides professionals with the opportunity to learn practical methods to operate under these new rules, which in turn will help ensure a fair client experience.

The course fulfills 3 CIRO CE Compliance Credit hours.

Understanding and applying the Enhanced Suitability guidelines has become an essential skill for investment advisors and compliance officers. A financial professional who knows when to review and reassess client information will reduce the likelihood of client complaints related to suitability. This will also improve their clients’ knowledge of what is appropriate for their portfolio while increasing the bottom line and reputation of the member firm.

What skills will you develop?

  • Be familiar with the Enhanced Suitability requirements introduced by CIRO’s CRM Rules, launched in March 2012
  • Fully understand the Suitability Rule and the Know Your Client Rule (KYC)
  • Identify regulatory and legal responsibilities governing suitability
  • Describe the differences between suitability responsibilities and fiduciary obligations
  • Determine the importance of suitability as it relates to clients, the public, regulators and the courts
  • Discuss why KYC is not limited to suitability
  • Address how suitability factors into account type and general investment determinations
  • Understand the regulatory and legal standards for collecting and updating KYC information
  • Identify key considerations when establishing a client’s investment objective, risk tolerance and time horizon

Who should enrol?

The Enhanced Suitability for CIRO Advisors course is designed for investment advisors, assistants, compliance officers, branch managers, branch assistants, and auditors who work at CIRO dealer member firms.