The People and Team Management course will assist managers and leaders in developing the necessary skills and abilities to manage people through coaching, motivation and performance management. Today’s managers need to be able to optimize team strengths and synergies to accomplish the objectives of their individual units. The need for skills in change management, organizational learning and the effective management of knowledge, are just a few of the key skills required in today’s changing bank environment.

This course will improve your management strategies and synergies allowing you to stay focused on the performance of your team and targets. You’ll learn financial industry tools for better employee recruitment, retention and satisfaction, all crucial in meeting the day-to-day operational objectives of the financial institution.

What skills will you develop?

People and Team Management provides a comprehensive understanding of:

  • Strategies and insights into management best practices to maximize bank performance
  • Staff development and team building to meet operational challenges
  • Leading, coaching and motivating productive teams
  • Recruiting, retaining and managing employees more effectively

Who should enrol?

Designed to address the unique challenges of the financial sector, People and Team Management will benefit individuals seeking greater responsibilities, branch managers, unit managers, banking specialist managers, managers working in support capacities or bankers working towards management and leadership roles in the banking industry.

People and Team Management is also ideal for bank employees with leadership responsibilities or objectives. It will enhance and build your existing management skills allowing you to excel in positions of management and leadership responsibilities.

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